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Editorial Team

Editorial Team

We, at EssentiallySports are a team of enthusiastic and competent content editors who strive to maintain higher-order editorial standards. The high quality of content produced on a platform is always a reflection of the stringent internal editorial standards and the team. Consequently, at EssentiallySports we strive to set high internal standards through our ever-evolving editorial team and also cater to the unique demands of worldwide sports fans. So if you ever wish to find the individuals behind EssentiallySports? gripping content, here is where all of them are listed.

Sourabh Singh:

Sourabh Singh is the Head of EssentiallySports? Editorial department. He is an IIM-Rohtak Sports Management graduate who served as a Managing Editor at an online media startup before taking up the role of a Sport Leader at Decathlon. He led the Tennis Department there and looked after its P&L, Range Selection, Sales Forecasting, Visual Merchandizing, Customer Relations, and Event Management.

Soon, his passion for sports got him to EssentiallySports, where he contributed 1700+ articles spread across NBA, Tennis, and UFC, prior to shifting into a managerial role. An avid long distance runner, who had completed a 600 Kms cycling expedition to World’s Highest Motorable road in 2016, couldn’t have asked for a better work life.

When not online, this health & fitness freak can be found teaching basic French at schools, reading de-motivational sports biographies, running in his torn Nikes, cycling in borrowed carbon road-bikes, or spending time in crazy mountain hikes.

The latest feather in his sweaty cap is the successful completion of Basic Mountaineering Course where he touched the elevation gain of 16K feet. He proudly atrributes this success to the?balance that his full-time commitment at ES provides him.

Reubyn Coutinho:?

Reubyn Coutinho is a senior Combat Sports Editor at EssentiallySports with over 3 years of journalistic experience. Having earned his bachelor’s degree in Mass Media with a specialization in Journalism from Xavier’s College, Reubyn has interned with the sports desks at DNA and Times Now before joining EssentiallySports to further his passion for sports content.

Reubyn has interviewed former UFC champions like ‘Mighty Mouse’ Demetrious Johnson and Miesha Tate. He has also had candid chats with the sport’s rising stars like Marcus Almeida and Sage Northcutt. Before moving to the editorial team, Reubyn primarily covered UFC and was on the desk for events such as UFC 249, UFC 251, and Daniel Cormier’s retirement bout at UFC 252. As someone proficient across the board, he has also written for the F1, NBA, Boxing, and NFL divisions. Away from his professional pursuits, Reubyn is a film aficionado and loves engaging in discussions about movies.

Paras Pande

Paras Pande is the Deputy Editorial lead at EssentiallySports and a graduate in Journalism & Mass Communication. An ardent follower of the UFC, he covered the sport for two years before becoming an Editor. Prior to joining the team at EssentiallySports, Paras gained expertise as an MMA writer whilst working with Sportskeeda. Being a sports lover from a young age, Paras decided to combine his two interests of writing and sports.

As he is a wrestling enthusiast, MMA was something that immediately attracted him. From Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar to Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, he follows everyone. However, Paras brazenly calls Stipe Miocic the UFC GOAT. Apart from writing, he is a voracious reader who loves the work of J. R. R. Tolkien.

Shubhra Pandey

Shubhra Pandey is the primary editor for Major League Baseball at EssentiallySports.

Shubhra was a candidate at JMC, Delhi University, IIMC Delhi, and St. Xavier?s Bombay. She?s been a fervent writer since her undergrad days and has worked on 100+ projects across the spectrum.?

When she?s away from her desk at ES, she can be found indulging in Political Literature and Writing, rallying for Real Madrid, or honing her culinary skills through hosting immaculate brunches or dinner. The Kettle is always on if you?re on her side of the town.

Abhishek Kumar:

Abhishek Kumar is a Primary Editor for MLB at EssentiallySports. Currently working as a senior editor for over eight months, Abhishek has penned over a thousand articles before moving to the editorial team. Having been closely working with the MLB division has helped Abhishek understand the nature of the coverage and audience. He has covered the MLB lockout in 2021-22 and the entire 2022 regular season as a writer.

A movie fanatic and a die-hard sports fan, Abhishek developed his love for baseball after watching?Moneyball. A post-graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication, Abhishek has been in the media industry for over three years. Before joining EssentiallySports, Abhishek worked as a Sports Sub-Editor at APN News. When not working, this sports fanatic can be seen cheering for his favorite soccer team Real Madrid.

Deepika Bhaduri

Deepika Bhaduri is primarily the editor of the NFL division. She has completed her master’s in English Literature from Jamia Millia Islamia University and is currently pursuing Msc. in psychology.

She has started to develop a taste for American Football and thinks that the concept of the sport resembles primaeval wars: the time before modern guns and nuclear weapons. This perspective of the sport gives her the liberty to choose players over teams, and her personality lures her to the field generals: Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers. Outside of sports, she chills with her dogs and watches movies, k-drama, and geek about the mind.

Manaal Siddiqui

Manaal Siddiqui is a Primary Editor for Golf at EssentiallySports. She is an MBA graduate from Aligarh Muslim University, with a specialization in Marketing and Finance. Manaal owns a startup called, which is a website that publishes entertaining Listicles and articles on important social issues prevailing in our society.

She is also actively involved with 2 NGOs in Aligarh, wherein she happened to start an initiative for awareness regarding child sex abuse called Hifazat. Writing is her essence and when she?s not doing that, she loves traveling, reading and is an avid foodie. Her love for golf stems from watching legends like Tiger Woods and Nelly Korda play and create legacies on the course. She hopes to write a bestseller one day and utilize her voice to highlight stories that need to be heard.?

Rohini Kottu

Rohini Kottu is the Primary Editor for UFC Division at EssentiallySports. Prior to taking up this role, she penned over 800 articles, spread across multiple combat sports. She is also a practicing Psychologist and has a Master?s degree in Clinical Psychology. With over a year of experience as a mental health professional, she likes to combine it with her love for Combat Sports.

Rohini has been following the UFC since 2020 and very often contemplates the psyche of fighters while they are in action and wonders what kind of mental preparation goes into it. This is reflected in her writing as well. She is also a published poet and likes to write poetry and read novels in her free time.

Sreeda U M

Sreeda U M is a sports journalist at EssentiallySports and the current primary editor of the WWE division. Since earning her master’s in Mass communication and journalism from University of Calicut in 2021, she has worked in various fields such as technical communication and documentation (at the Linux Foundation), government public relations, linguistic localization and freelance writing. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature which she holds dear as it nourished the bookaholic in her.

While keeping up with multiple sports, particularly Combat Sports, Soccer and Tennis since childhood, Sreeda has found herself fervent in European Football and is an ardent aficionado of the legendary Real Madrid C.F.

She has been following WWE since 2006, watching the “Big Time” WrestleMania 22, where HBK executed the Sweet Chin Music on the McMahons. But she became an interested follower when The Four Horsewomen, alongside the entire female roster, came forward to improve the WWE tenfold, paving better paths for future female superstars.

Apart from sports, Sreeda’s a Linguaphile who is learning new languages, a Carnatic Classical Musician who researches in various other genres in world music and a low-key cinephile who observes the trends and touchstones of global cinema.

Tony Thomas

Tony Thomas is the Primary Editor for Tennis at EssentiallySports. A former college-level tennis player, Tony has been following the sport since his childhood and is an avid “Fedal” fan.

With over five years of experience in content writing and editing, he is now in his dream job of writing and editing articles on tennis. When not following tennis, Tony can be seen cheering for his favorite soccer club, Manchester United.?

Jito Tenson

Jito Tenson is a Primary Editor of eSports at EssentiallySports. Having graduated from from the field of B.Com, he found his calling away from the field he pursued. He got into the journalism field as an intern and slowly rose the ladder and has been writing since 2020. The love for football has surprisingly helped him reach where he is now. And with Manchester United being his favorite club, he sure knows the value of patience.

Jito also loves gaming and is currently catching up the lost time playing his favorite games. His ideal genre is RPG games and a good storyline always steals his heart.

Simar Singh Wadhwa

Simar Singh Wadhwa is the Primary Editor for US/Olympic Sports division at EssentiallySports. A Certified Football Tactical Analyst (Barcelona Universitas), a football enthusiast, and a sports lover, Simar shares an uninhibited love for sports and is intrigued by its technicalities every day.

He has written various articles for renowned publications like The Daily Guardian and Sports Digest. He is also a pro-level FIFA player and has competed in many national-level tournaments. His genuine passion for sports pushes him to grow in the sports media industry.

When not at his desk, Simar can be found watching a football match or scoring the winning goal in FIFA! He?s a movie buff, loves to engage in psych/crime thrillers, and enjoys a hearty meal at the end of the day.

Ranvijay Singh

Ranvijay Singh is the Primary Editor for the Formula 1 Division of EssentiallySports. After completing his postgrad in Journalism and Mass Communication, he has gone on to work with some of the most renowned Indian Media Houses, such as NDTV and India News. With a special affinity for writing, he has also led content teams for Public Relations and Marketing. However, it was his passion for F1 that inspired him to venture into the world of sports journalism.

Thanks to his love for Mechanics and Automobiles, Ranvijay was naturally drawn to the pinnacle of motorsports at a very young age. He follows the fast-paced sport religiously and on a race weekend, he can be seen rooting for Max Verstappen and Red Bull. More than any driver, he supports the Milton Keynes-based team, as he has always been fascinated by the way the Austrian brand has built such an empire by investing in young and talented individuals.

With Mercedes dominating the sport for the better part of the last decade, he feels it’s only time for the Bulls to step up and add to the legacy that they created with Sebastian Vettel. With the Dutch Lion at the help, getting all the help he needs from some of the most brilliant engineering minds like Adrian Newey, Ranvijay believes it is not far-fetched to imagine Red Bull dominating the most prestigious racing series in the coming years.

Pritam Priyedarshi

Pritam Priyedarshi is a sports editor at EssentiallySports. After completing his graduation in Mass Communication with a specialization in Journalism from St. Xavier?s College, Ranchi, he started writing professionally for media houses.

Pritam is an esports enthusiast, and recently launched Valorant is his favourite. He is also a soccer fan and Manchester United is his favourite club. When not playing video games or editing articles, he mostly spends his time reading history books.

Ankit Sharma

Ankit Sharma is a senior editor at EssentiallySports. After earning his bachelor?s degree in Commerce from Hansraj College, he finished his LLB from the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.? He is an avid sports fan and after (and sometimes during) work, you can find him engaged in banter about tennis, football, Formula 1 and basketball.?

Ankit is also a quizzer and a crossword enthusiast who loves to conduct and participate in competitions in the same. Beyond work, you can find him reading books (with a bend towards literary fiction) and playing video games (with a heavy inclination towards RPGs).

Gurjyot Singh Dadial

Gurjyot Singh Dadial is the primary editor of NFL at EssentiallySports. He has been a lifelong fan of Wrestling, Contact sports, Manchester United, Minnesota Vikings, Marvel, Rock music and Video games. With a degree in English Literature and Economics from Patkar College, Mumbai, he is set out to conquer every task he sets his mind to.

After writing over 500 articles on NFL, he became the primary editor of the division. When Gurjyot is not editing articles, he can be seen hitting the weights, listening to Linkin Park or burying the competition in his favorite cult classic game WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain.

Ajinkya Aswale

Ajinkya Aswale is a Primary Editor for Boxing at EssentiallySports. He is an MBA graduate from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, with a specialisation in Finance. Ajinkya has a varied experience of working in different fields such Hospitality, Digital Marketing, and Content.

He is an athlete who has played football his whole life and also tried his hand at boxing. His other interests include reading, writing and latin dance. Eventually, he wishes to travel and write from his experience something of substance that will awaken in the reader a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Satagni Sikder

Satagni Sikder is the primary editor of the NBA division at EssentiallySports. Formerly a sportswriter for ES, Satagni has penned over 350 articles for the website. He holds a Master’s degree in English from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Since childhood, he has been attracted by the tactile aspect of language, how some words seem more appealing than others. And how the arrangement of words can create beautiful things.

Later on, he became more interested in the faculty of language to translate ideas and its deep-rooted connection with power. In his spare time, Satagni likes to study speeches and monologues of influential people, from Machiavelli to Dave Chappelle. He has extensive experience in ghostwriting and freelance content creation. Satagni is also a fan of online political debates.

Nizamul Haque Bhuyan

Nizamul Haque Bhuyan is a primary editor of the NASCAR division at EssentiallySports. After completing his graduation in Engineering, he worked as a Digital Marketing Executive in a product-based B2B SaaS organization for 2 years. Through his experience in content marketing and SEO, he hopes to help us engage our ever-growing audience more effectively.

Apart from being a big Liverpool FC fan, he has a passion for motorsports, Olympic competitions, and thrilling test cricket matches. Listening to retro classic music and watching documentaries are his two favorite ways to unwind.

Hitesh Nigam?

Hitesh Nigam is a Journalist, working as Primary Editor in NFL Division at EssentiallySports. He is an Arts graduate (History Hons.) from Delhi University. Prior to this, he has also worked as Senior Sub-Editor with a monthly magazine (Urban Update) and attended various national and international events and summits.?

As a sportsman at heart, he loves to play, and write about the nuances of sports which drives his passion at ES. Hitesh also loves to travel and listen to music in his free time. Being a UPSC aspirant, social cause is what drives his will to write for those who need to be heard and through his words, wants to make the world a better place.

Vineet Nandwana

Vineet Nandwana is a Primary Editor for UFC at EssentiallySports. He is a CSE graduate from ICFAI University Tripura. He has been for the last six years, indulging with his writings in various writing projects for films and radio series. He has an unhealthy obsession towards UFC and Khabib which led to him to his current position in the company.?

During his free time, Vineet likes to indulge himself in reading and writing. He also is a fan of foreign cinema and likes watching anime. He also is a published writer and a filmmaker; his film Sheethghum garnered over 13 nominations across the global film festivals, which is till date, the highest in the state.

Melroy Fernandes

Melroy Joseph Fernandes is a senior US Sports Editor at EssentiallySports. A Mass Media graduate from St. Andrew’s College, Mumbai, Melroy even worked as a content writer for six years, curating stories for several brands, starting from his own. As a playwright and a director, he has toured a number of productions in and around his hometown of Mumbai.

When not directing, Melroy is seen conducting workshops for aspiring writers and artists, paving the way for young enthusaiasts into the writing fraternity. As a guest lecturer, he is often seen conducting sessions on public speaking, acting, and content writing across various educational institutions such as St. Xavier’s, St. Andrew’s, and many more. Now 23, Melroy is at EssentiallySports, using his editorial eyes to pursue his undying love for sports, helping cover events and getting them curated into unforgettable stories. When not writing, you’ll find this tennis fanatic on tabletops at official screenings, engaging in some not-so-friendly banter or defending the legacy of who he says is the ultimate GOAT, Roger Federer.

Vibhanshu Kumar:

Vibhanshu Kumar is a Sports Editor at EssentiallySports. He is a graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University. For him, Cricket is his valentine, and being a sportsperson is how he celebrates. He has participated in Gymnastics at the State Level along with being a Blue Qyu Dawn belt in Karate. If that isn’t enough, he has represented his school in Hockey and Basketball too.

This Boxing Editor at EssentiallySports also has experience in handling Social Media for various events of national sporting leagues. This has given him the eye of an analyst, further adding to his love for sports. Furthermore, he loves spending time with books, Jeffrey Archer being one of his favourite authors. Apart from Sports, he’s also a Cryptocurrency enthusiast and has been learning its nuances.