Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is EssentiallySports?

EssentiallySports is a digital-first sports media house that publishes round-the-clock coverage of the latest news, articles, features, and updates across multiple sports. The website primarily focuses on covering American sports and strives to inculcate ‘The Fan’s Perspective’, to provide a unique reading experience to the viewership. With its interactive website, social media presence, and apps, EssentiallySports continues to be one of the fastest-growing sports media houses, with a readership of over 30 million people.


2. Who owns EssentiallySports?

Full Spectrum Services LLP or FSSL is the parent organization of EssentiallySports. In a world where everyone is looking for an investor, Full Spectrum Services LLP has bootstrapped EssentiallySports to success as it is now ranked amongst the top 4,000 websites in the USA and amongst the top 3 websites in tennis according to Similarweb. To provide ultimate customer satisfaction, FSSL offers smart solutions for everyday problems. Full Spectrum Services LLP seeks to collaborate with young minds to construct one of the world’s largest super-skilled technological establishments


3. When was EssentiallySports founded? 

EssentiallySports was founded in 2014 as a bootstrapped startup between college friends Harit Pathak, Jaskirat Arora, and Suryansh Tibarewal. Started as a platform for college sports enthusiasts, EssentiallySports was an open forum for sports fans to voice their opinions on various sporting events around the world. In 2017, the co-founders began to establish and grow the company from a voluntary contribution-based website to a professional organization. Currently, EssentiallySports employs over 150 employees.


4. Who are the co-founders of EssentiallySports?

Harit Pathak, Jaskirat Arora, and Suryansh Tibarewal are the co-founders of EssentiallySports. An unrelenting passion for sports led Harit to lay the foundation of EssentiallySports and he now manages the business and operation side of the organization. Jaskirat is the brains behind all things content at EssentiallySports, and his endeavors are supported by his extensive experience in the sports content spectrum and his vast cross-sports knowledge. Tracing ever-evolving technology, Suryansh spearheads the execution and research of EssentiallySports’ digital aspect.


5. Is EssentiallySports still bootstrapped?

Yes, EssentiallySports has persisted with a bootstrapping strategy since its inception in 2014. It has been one of the rare breeds of companies in the media business which has functioned successfully without raising any capital and continues to deliver exponential growth and results from 1M visitors in 2018 to more than 120M visitors in 2020. Through its robust strategies and a sustainable business model, EssentiallySports has grown to have a sustainable presence within the industry in the last few years.


6. Is EssentiallySports the only brand owned by Full Spectrum Services Ltd?

Full Spectrum Services LLP is a digital-product company that aims to provide quality services on web development, application development, social media, and media house. Apart from EssentiallySports, Full Spectrum Services LLP also owns Netflix Junkie. Netflix Junkie is a digital portal for the latest news about some of the top shows on the popular streaming service Netflix. Additionally, the website has ratings and reviews of various movies and shows to help its readers create a well-informed to-watch list. The website is an unofficial fansite for this streaming service.


7. Is EssentiallySports a reliable news source?

EssentiallySports adheres to the high standards of journalism, providing news accurately with thorough fact-checking of sources. With stringent editorial standards, the website strives for perfection and accuracy in the content hemisphere. These measures ensure that the news is credible and topical, thus helping build trust and accountability amongst our millions of readers. Further, the in-house editors and writers ensure that the information they provide within each article is factually accurate, equitable, and relevant. 


8. Is EssentiallySports a safe website?

Full Spectrum Services LLP operates the website with the brand name EssentiallySports. EssentiallySports (accessible from, prioritize the safety and privacy of its visitors. Their Privacy Policy document enunciates the types of information that is collected and recorded by EssentiallySports and how they use it.

This Privacy Policy applies only to their online activities and is valid for visitors to their website with regards to the information that they shared and/or collected in EssentiallySports. This policy does not apply to any information collected offline or via networks other than this website. The Privacy policy statement contains necessary disclosures as appropriate to their relevant jurisdiction, which is enunciated in this document.


9. What universal journalism guidelines does EssentiallySports strive to follow?

EssentiallySports strives to follow basic standards of credibility and transparency.


10. What are the ethics policies at EssentiallySports?

Remaining true to the vision by adhering to universally accepted journalistic ethics, EssentiallySports thoroughly acknowledges the exigency for the same. These are the common principles EssentiallySports strive to inculcate in the organization:


11. Which Sports EssentiallySports cover?

EssentiallySports serves content on major global and American sports including UFC, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, eSports, Tennis, Formula 1, Boxing, WWE, and Golf. It focuses on well-researched and thought-provoking pieces encapsulating individuals, teams, and events. The in-house team of writers, editors, and content curators is crucial for their endeavor to provide round-the-clock extensive sports coverage.


12. What is the company culture at EssentiallySports?

EssentiallySports strives for positive workplace culture and believes that people are the biggest asset to an organization. Hence, there is an atmosphere where people are satisfied with their work. EssentiallySports conducts a comprehensive onboarding process to aid new employees in understanding objectives and style of work and easing them into the workflow. The work culture is flexible, with complete creative freedom granted to every section of the workforce and an open forum where everyone is treated equally and fairly. Above all, EssentiallySports takes pride in its policy of providing a platform where one is free to voice their opinions on the major sporting actions around the world with adherence to high journalistic standards.

EssentiallySports believe that the journey taken to achieve the goals is as important as the outcome and encourages the team to be early innovators and inculcate creativity. The organization comprises sports aficionados and each member of the team is involved in the creative advancement of the organization. Sports groups are enlivened by banter on event days and while our reporting style is neutral, authors simultaneously go; all guns behind their favorite athletes during these debates. 

EssentiallySports does not believe in hierarchy and everyone in the organization has their say during the usual team meetings. The diverse mix of people across cultures is the biggest strength and a source of immense pride for EssentiallySports. The organization offers growth and learning opportunities to its people. EssentiallySports believes in teamwork and hence we collaborate with our colleagues as much as possible to achieve our targets. The organization promotes ownership and value integrity more than anything else. EssentiallySports believes that the cultural values and principles define who they are and hence have strived to create a great work culture. The organization has developed a comprehensive cultural playbook for the employees and strives to adhere to the same.


13. How many people read EssentiallySports?

Today, EssentiallySports has amassed a loyal readership base across the globe, averaging 30 million users a month. With an audience in over 150 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, EssentiallySports has a stronghold amongst sports enthusiasts. EssentiallySports’ majority of users come from English-speaking countries. More than 50 percent of its readers are from the USA and over 5 percent from the UK. Sports draw fans from diverse groups, evidently seen through EssentiallySports’ readers’ age distribution of from 12 to 65 plus. EssentiallySports is a one-stop platform for all the sports enthusiasts who follow their favorite sports personalities on and off the pitch. With a mission to bridge the gap between fans’ opinions and expert analysis, EssentiallySports is dedicated to the pursuit of providing its readers with a holistic coverage of the sporting world. 


14. Does EssentiallySports have a mobile application?

EssentiallySports has launched several mobile applications on the Google play store and App store to cater to sports enthusiasts around the globe. Through these applications, EssentiallySports aims to give its fans a personalized experience for their favorite sports. NBA Hoops, Pitstop, Tennis 360, and MMA Octagon are apps launched by EssentiallySports. These apps are a one-stop source for sports fans to get the latest news and updates on their favorite sports and sports stars. The apps offer unrivaled coverage across the sport. From breaking news and answering the biggest fan’s question on developing storylines across the sport to exclusive interviews with athletes and the funniest memes across the internet, these apps have a lot to offer. These mobile applications launched by EssentiallySports aggregate social media, video clips, and much more which adds dimension to the traditional way fans follow their favorite sports.


15. Does EssentiallySports have a podcast channel? 

EssentiallySports has recently launched a couple of podcasts on multiple platforms including Google podcasts, Apple podcasts, and Spotify. The two podcasts named ‘Quarantennis – Bridging the Broken Strings’ and ‘ONE Championship Unfiltered with EssentiallySports’ aim to bring the fans closer to their favorite athletes in Tennis and ONE Championship respectively. EssentiallySports sought to delve deeper into the ins and outs of the biggest personalities in the sports industry through its exclusive interviews for the podcasts. 


16. How do I write for EssentiallySports?

If you are passionate and an avid follower of sports, EssentiallySports is the best place for you to put down your opinion in words. EssentiallySports is always open to aspiring content writers with a keen interest in American/global sports. Apply for the content writer position at EssentiallySports by emailing your resume at or applying on LinkedIn.


17. What type of job opportunities exist at EssentiallySports?

EssentiallySports recruits sports enthusiasts across various content divisions such as NFL, NBA, MLB, etc, and departments like marketing, tech & product, and operations, to name a few. 

You can either apply directly via email to along with your resume and cover letter. Alternatively, you can also keep an eye on appropriate job listings on LinkedIn and apply to jobs through the platform. 


18. Are there any requirements or eligibility criteria needed to work at EssentiallySports?

EssentiallySports’ screening process believes in majorly adjudging the candidates’ passion for sports and professionalism alongside industry-relevant skills. The organization, which aims at embodying the spirit of ‘The Fan’s Perspective’, also warmly welcomes students from various educational backgrounds to work in the best capacity possible. 

Therefore, there are no such hardline requirements needed to work at EssentiallySports.


19. Why Fan’s perspective?

At EssentiallySports aim to connect sports fans and readers from all over the world, with content at your fingertips. They are a click away at, Facebook, Twitter, and mobile applications. EssentiallySports delivers content on what the fans want to read on major sporting events and sports personalities. Their team is filled with passionate sports enthusiasts who also have a keen interest in analyzing and writing about the same. This corresponds to the behavior of an enthusiastic sports fan, thus the tagline, ‘The Fan’s Perspective’.


20. How can I get in contact with the authors writing for EssentiallySports to provide suggestions/feedback?

The authors at EssentiallySports pride themselves in continually taking readers’ feedback to become better and factually correct writers of the sports they are most passionate about. Hence, one can always reach out to an author through either Linkedin or Twitter, whose profile links can be found attached to their respective author profiles. Additionally, some authors do have their email addresses also linked on the same. 

If they remain unresponsive through these, kindly feel free to reach out at, and the feedback shall be shared with the concerned writer at the earliest.