Ownership and Funding Information

Ownership of EssentiallySports:

The website, essentiallysports.com (“Site”) is operated by Full Spectrum Services LLP (“We”, “Us”). We are a company registered in India under the ambit of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (with the LLP Identification Number: AAS-3393); and have our registered office at 48, Mayur Bagh Apartment, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi – 110087. For more information on us, fullspectrumservicesllp.com shall furnish the relevant information.

Funding for EssentiallySports:

The website, essentiallysports.com (“Site”) is a self-funded and/or self-sustained business entity since its inception in the year of 2014. Also, can be construed as a bootstrapped business, the Site has received no funding at any juncture and has preferred to utilise the accrued profits into growing the Site business. The Site has no affiliation or ties to any governmental or state-sponsored interests.

For more detailed information on EssentiallySports, visit our About Us page. For information on Full Spectrum Services LLP, visit the page.