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Cricket Stadiums:

The gentleman’s game is at an ever increasing trend as the game continues to gain steady popularity. From the iconic MCG or Lords to some of the lush green parks in Florida and Scotland, the number of stadiums gaining international status is on a rise.

Here’s a look at some of the countries that have the highest number of these stadiums:

1. India (44)

Eden Gardens
Eden Gardens is referred to as Mecca of Indian Cricket. Image Courtesy:

Although the first ever cricket match was played between Australia and England, this cricket crazed Asian nation has more stadiums than any other country in the world.

India played its home game at Chennai and its first limited overs game at Motera in Ahmedabad in November 1981.

2. England (20)

Lords cricket ground, London.
Lords cricket ground, London.

The English who pioneered cricket, boasts of 20 international grounds which include the iconic Lord’s cricket stadium.

England played their first match at home at the Old Trafford in Manchester in 1972.

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