Not so long ago, fans would have probably shaken their heads sideways when asked about Jamie Vardy. But this season, he has shown a meteoric rise in his striking capabilities; helping Leicester City reach its best ever position at present in the Premier League in the recent years, at the third spot. Someone with such prolific display of football certainly needs to be brought to the spotlight, and we ensure you always stay updated!


  1. Name:                            Jamie Vardy
  2. Age:                                 28 years 
  3. Current Club:           Leicester City
  4. Positions:                    Striker, Winger
  5. Shirt No:                      9

Humble Beginnings:

An English lad, the striker was born at Sheffield and begun his footballing career playing for Sheffield Wednesday’s youth system until the age of 16. After a series of good display at the league, he came to the notice of various scouts of the Football League and even secured 1 week trial with Crewe Alexandria. It did not work out but that did not disappoint the lad.

He went on to join the Northern Premier League team FC Halifax Town. Being voted the best striker by the players, he ended the season with 27 goals and helped the club win the title. But the very next season, he jumped up to the Conference league team Fleetwood town in the 2011-12 season. Playing his very first match the day he joined the club, he ended up being the third highest goalscorer of the season. Playing for another year with the same club, he helped them secure the title and promotion to the Football League. He was also voted the player of the year.

Unlike many other footballers, he began small and proved himself at every step of his career; building his path on his own. His meteoric rise is unlike many seen in the present day footballers who straight-up join a big club.

Leicester Calling:

Ahead of the 2012-13 season, he joined Leicester City for a reported £1.7 million with add-ons( a non-League record). Joining a bigger club proved to be too much for him to handle, and his form started dipping critically. His disappointment with himself reached to such abysmal stage where he considered leaving football, with Leicester fans not supporting him. But the then manager, Nigel Pearson felt otherwise and convinced him to stay and continue.

Nigel Pearson knew better. The very next season saw him change his fortunes as his goalscoring abilities ensured Leicester qualify for the Premier League with him scoring 16 league goals and being voted the player of the season by the club.

Premier League was a much greater challenge than the Championship, but he was prepared this time. Many would remember his first Premier League goal as his breathtaking display led a trailing 3-1 Leicester to win 5-3 against Manchester United. His form continued, and he never fell complacent of his play. His form grew steadily and was the constant in a league which was searching for peace.

This season, he has already shown what he is capable of. At a shared third position of highest goalscorers, he has netted in the ball 4 times  in the past 6 games. The past 2 games, Leicester secured 4 points when trailing in the match, by dint of Vardy.

His brilliant show of form caught the eyes of the FA who called him for England for which he has played 2 games, debuting in June.

His Coup de Grace:

He has a finishing ability only a few can match in the Premier League, barring the veterans. What makes him stand out of the crowd is his strength, his speed and his ability to hold the ball up at the front. The player has been officially the fastest player this Premier League season, reaching a road-runner-esque 35.44 km/hr. Now this technically means he reaches the ball much before anyone else. With his two other teammates taking the second and third positions, they can switch from defence to attack in the blink of an eye!

Apart from this he has the physical presence to hold the ball even up the field, and make good combination runs with his teammates. You would often also find him contributing defensively. He is one of those who makes sure they are involved in the game, and do it well. He likes to dribble and cross the ball, but he lacks the essential aerial ability a striker needs to possess. The striker’s intent is as keen as ever, finding gaps in the defense and making a run through it.

Dips and Falls:

He recently found himself in a racial storm as he was seen in a video abusing a Japanese teammate Shinji Ozaki. All though he soon offered an apology, it was not taken lightly by many. He was not sacked by the club unlike his previous manager and teammates, who were axed after a deplorable racial incident at Thailand.


Considering his relentless push for improvement, he can score over 17 goals this season if he doesn’t succumb to any injury. That being said, one has to assume that he is played every game.

One wouldn’t be surprised if he was a hot winter transfer prospect to somewhere outside of England.



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