10 Best Innovative Cricket Shots of all Times

AB de Villiers

Cricket as a game has evolved a lot over the years and that can be seen from the way the duration of the game has changed along with rules. This change has not only led to many innovative strategies but has also forced the batsmen to think differently and execute shots which were unthinkable a while back. We bring you some of the best innovative cricket shots ever played.

10. Periscope:

Bangladeshi Batman Soumya Sarkar playing the Periscope

The periscope was invented by bangladeshi batsman Soumya Sarkar, Bangladesh’s answer to Virat Kohli. The man who has changed Bangladesh’s batting style plays this shot to counter bouncers. He simply looks away and holds his bat in the air, Doug Walter style. The ball clips the bat on the way to short fine leg, narrowly missing the helmet and results in 4 runs being added to his account. One of the cheekiest shots.


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