10 GIFs Which Prove That Mithali Raj Rules The Batting Arena

July 17, 2017 2:53 pm

There seems to be nothing that can stop Indian skipper Mithali Raj at the moment. Having hit a purple patch this world cup Raj seems to be amassing records in plenty. By the time the Indian team has stepped into the semi-finals, she has already garnered 6 new records to her name.

It isn’t just about the numbers, but also about the perfection in her game. She can hit one ball with a perfect textbook shot, and she would drive the next one with an unorthodox move. She can hit a ball ferociously with sheer power and she would defend the next with elegance.

Raj who probably is one of the best women cricketers to have graced the game, leads the all time batting charts too. The reason for all her achievements it is simple, for her “the hunger never dies”. And if you were wondering what’s more to her beyond batting? she is a queen of cool, composed in every situation, and yet she leads the Indian team like a wolf. Her on field presence is electrifying and her fielding spot on.

So, here are 10 GIFs which would give you 10 more reasons to believe that this champion player rules the cricketing field:

  1. Did anyone mention timing?

2. How about this powerful stroke?

3. Stroke play anyone?

4. She swings but she doesn’t miss!

5. she can surely hit any kind of ball for a boundary

6. She can dance down the pitch too!

7. She cuts to perfection

8. Stand tall and hit the ball

9. This one would give even the best batsmen a run for their money

10. Just in case you were wondering about her fielding

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