12 Call Of Duty League Pros Could Soon Be Jobless

September 1, 2020 2:03 pm

The Call Of Duty League Season 2 was finally announced but there are changes made to its format yet again. The recently concluded 2020 season featured 5v5 matches that allowed teams to have bigger rosters. But in a surprising announcement, the League is going back to its old format of 4v4 matches.

Many celebrated this decision as 4v4 matches are seemingly more strategic and fun to watch. But considering it was just changed last season, some people are questioning the constantly changing rules of the league.

The 2020 Season was different in a lot of ways. For the first time ever, the League introduced a city-based franchise system. Teams also reportedly paid $25 million to be a part of the league. 12 teams signed up for the 2020 COD League, based out of different cities. But there was one other change that a lot of pros had issues with.

Teams were allowed to have substitutes in their squad. Unfortunately, the rules weren’t quite clear for this which resulted in a lot of pros being benched. Doug ‘Censor’ Martin, former pro player for New York Subliners voiced his concern regarding this.

Call Of Duty League already failed its players

He backed up his point of allowing pros from different teams to play together by saying “As a player in the league that wants to see the league become successful and use my following to help, it feels like I’m in a situation where I can’t be used in any capacity to contribute towards my team or myself. Really hope the league can change this now instead of later.” But his concerns and complaints fell onto deaf ears and he eventually had to become a free-agent due to lack of playtime.

This happened when the matches were 5v5 and the teams had almost 5-7 players in their roster. Now that the matches are 4v4, it only means that all the teams will look to reduce their roster size even though the substitute system is still in place. This means at least 1 player from each team will be let go and may be forced to become a free agent.

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The decision-makers can still rectify this by allowing more teams to participate. This will give the players an opportunity to compete for the World Championships with a different team. But according to EPSN, the League is not looking to expand anytime soon.

If this is true, then Doug’s concerns regarding the substitutes in the league were justified. The constant changes being made to the League will definitely affect the players and the League needs to take measure here. The fate of the players rests in their hands and will eventually play a huge part in determining the future of the League.

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