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13th Anniversary of Crisis Core, a Lesser Known Final Fantasy VII Version

13th Anniversary of Crisis Core, a Lesser Known Final Fantasy VII Version

September 13, 2020 marks the thirteenth anniversary of the release of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Square Enix released the original Final Fantasy VII in 1997 for the Play Station. Following the game’s success, the Crisis Core version came out in 2007.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

While the original game follows the story of Cloud Strike on his mission to save the planet, Crisis Core is a prequel to the original game. Crisis Core was curated for the Play Station Portable. Since the PSP wasn’t very successful as a console, the game did not have as wide a fan base as the original version. However, the few who did play the game had great things to say about it. Hence, the anniversary has come as a nostalgic moment to most of its fans.

The game followed the story of Zack Fair, a young member of the paramilitary organization SOLDIER. It traces his journey while trying to find another lost SOLDIER member known as journey. During this journey he comes across Angeal Hewley who goes on to become his mentor.

The reminder of this anniversary comes from the official Twitter handle of Final Fantasy VII: Remake. The game came out earlier this year as the remake to the original version.

While sharing the nostalgic reminder, FF7 also shared the origin story behind the iconic buster sword. The FF7 website mentioned, “Angeal was the buster sword’s original owner, but he rarely used the massive blade. It was forged for him by his father upon joining SOLDIER so he was careful not to tarnish it, instead mostly utilizing a standard SOLDIER sword. Upon inheriting the buster sword from Angeal, Zack uses its blunt side to honor his mentor’s wishes.” 

Crisis Core: FF7 Remake?

Fans were quick to demand a remake to Crisis Core soon after the tweet. Others joined in to comment about the marvellous writing behind the game and how it set up the sequel.

Since the developers delivered on the FF7 remake, with enough support, there might be possibilities of a Crisis Core remake too.

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