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FC Berlin Union Sees Spectators Exceeding the Stadium Capacity

FC Berlin Union Sees Spectators Exceeding the Stadium Capacity

Fans at the FC Berlin Union home ground-Stadion An der Alten Foersterei

Bundesliga newcomers, FC Berlin Union, have just had the number of fans attending exceed the stadium capacity. Sounds weird, but that is what happened, at least going by the revenue received.

After their promotion from the German second division, Berlin Union were to start their top division campaign against RB Leipzig at the Stadion An der Alten Foersterei. Fans were relieved to have finally ended a 28 year period without Top Division football. A period during which they had suffered huge financial crisis.

Showing up in support of their club in the Bundesliga after a long time, the Berlin Union loyals had to welcome an opponent which was a club brought in in 2009 by the drink manufacturing company, Red Bull. The ownership model of Leipzig, as per German Football’s rules which requires all the Bundesliga clubs to have a 51% fan owned majority, was not acceptable. RB Leipzig, being as one of the very few exceptions, grew up as one of the most hated clubs.

Berlin Union fans, keeping this in consideration weren’t going to be the polite hosts. They were to remain silent for the first 15 minutes of the match as a protest against “a constructed club that has absolutely nothing to do with our idea of football,” according to Union ultra group Wuhlesyndikat.

Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann said that he was ready for the reception and had his side prepared for it.

“For a coach it isn’t so bad at all – you can talk directly to your players. The boys knew that after 15 minutes it would get really loud – and the atmosphere was unbelievably good afterwards,” Nagelsmann said.

“I would always wish that the fans would give it everything from the opening whistle as it’s a great atmosphere here at Union – unbelievable.”

But the real story behind the exceeding stadium capacity begins here.

The Union fans in respect and memory of the supporters who couldn’t be present at the Stadion An der Alten Foersterei on the special day. They came out with photos and posters of deceased supporters who see the Berlin Union in the Top Division. Not only this, they had also paid the price of a ticket to the club to print photos, which according to the Sky, the was included in the attendance by the union included.

This was the reason the Stadion An der Alten Foersterei in the German capital recorded an attendance of 22,467 despite its maximum capacity of 22,012.

The Unions, though did not have great start to the life in Top division, as they were whacked 4-0 by RB Leipzig. The loss, in no way was going to let down the spirits of the supporters who were in the intoxication of the witnessing the first top division match at the Stadion An der Alten Foersterei in years. They kept singing long after the final whistle – “Our love, our team, our pride, our club” making up for their earlier silence.

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