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World Cup 1992 Moments : Inzamam Takes Pak Into Final

World Cup 1992 Moments : Inzamam Takes Pak Into Final

Pakistan huffed and puffed on its road to the semifinals of 1992 World Cup with the help of some luck and inspired performances by the team as a unit.

New Zealand was a clear favorite to win it’s encounter against Pakistan. Throughout the tournament Imran Khan inspired the team to play like “Cornered Tigers”, but he himself put the team in a precarious position in the Semis, after scoring a laborious 43 off 93 balls chasing a target of 263.


Needing 123 runs in the final 15 overs, Pakistan found a new hero in Inzamam Ul Haq as he went berserk hammering everything in his sight and the Black Caps were running for cover. He pulled and cut ferociously and along with the experienced Javed Miandad, scored 87 runs in the next 10 overs. John Wright, the stand in skipper had no idea about stopping this carnage.

New Zealand eventually got rid of him but not before he had put his team into a strong position, needing just 36 more runs to win. He took Pakistan into the finals single-handedly and thus waltzed into public imagination. Since then the word “Inzy” became a household name.


Edited by Shivang Aggarwal

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