The 2017 F1 season, just like any other season of Formula 1 was not void of controversies, disagreements and heated discussions. These controversies reflect the passion that drivers and their fans have for the sport. So here are the top controversial moments of season. Lets get the debate started!

2017 F1 season: Top 5 controversies

Vettel and Hamilton at Azerbaijan GP

It is a no brainer to include the race at Baku. This is probably the most talked-about moment from the 2017 F1 season. So let us just get it out of the way.

The safety car was out and Hamilton was trailing the safety car, ahead of Vettel. Just before the restart, as Hamilton was backing up the pack, he picked a little speed while turning in a turn and then slowed down at the turn’s exit. As a result, Vettel’s car touched the diffuser of Hamilton’s slowing car. Thinking that Hamilton has brake checked him on purpose, Vettel went alongside the GP leader and turned into him to bump tires. Both the drivers and their fans went crazy.

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It was later revealed that Hamilton never really braked and Vettel apologized for his actions.


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