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2017 Formula 1 Season: Top 5 Races

2017 Formula 1 Season: Top 5 Races

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Another season, another 20 races to be counted in past-races list. New owners, new rules. Many new records recorded and many new battles to look back on. So here is our pick of the top races from the 2017 Formula 1 season.

Top 5 2017 Formula 1 Races

Mexican GP

The 2017 Formula 1 drivers’ championship was decided at Mexico though this was not the only action we got to see. Verstappen won the race, adding to the number of times he has won on Kvyat’s demotion. Hamilton got a puncture on the first lap after he tried to overtake Verstappen and Vettel in one quick move. Running last by the end, he moved up into the points finishing position to secure a fourth world title.

While this was happening at the back, Verstappen controlled the race beautifully, setting the fastest lap of the race. We also saw Fernando Alonso trying to keep a dominant Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton behind. The battle was a spectacle to see. Have a look at the highlights below:

Singapore GP

One can argue that the fate of the 2017 championship was sealed at the Singapore GP. With both the Ferraris crashing out at the race start in spectacular fashion, Lewis cruised to the finish line to take 25 points and extend a lead of 28 points over Vettel in the championship.

The Ferraris also took the RedBull of Max Verstappen with them for another disappointing premature end to his race. The other RedBull of Daniel Ricciardo raced home to take second and the podium of completed by Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas.

Belgian GP

We love team mates fighting over position. Matched cars and passion to beat each other always lead to either great battles on track or diminishing relationships off track. At the Belgian GP though, we found one Force India with a puncture and the other without a front wing as the Perez and Ocon fought on the straight leading to Eau Rouge. Perez later retired from the race.

There was plenty of action at the front too. Vettel tried to get his Ferrari in front of Lewis’ Mercedes. Though being Spa, a track known for its long straights and fast corners, Mercedes power dominated Ferrar’s and Lewis was able to stay ahead. Sadness also prevailed as the Dutch fans of the sport saw Verstappen retire from the race due to engine issues. Have a look.

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