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2017’s Funniest F1 Radio Conversations

2017’s Funniest F1 Radio Conversations

F1 Radio conversations

In most scenarios, the car-to-pit radio is used for relaying information back and forth, reporting any problems or providing encouragement to a driver. Other times, drivers use the team radio to exercise their funny bone and spout sarcastic quips or even rage at other drivers. So without further ado, here are some of the funniest F1 radio conversations in recent times, particularly the 2017 season.

The Best of 2017 F1 Radio Conversations

Fernando Alonso, Russia, Warm Up Lap

As the drivers completed their final sighting lap, one car was missing from the grid, Fernando Alonso. By the time cameras found the Spaniard who was supposed to line up in P15, the MCL32 had died out on him and he came to a halt right at the pit entry. The McLaren Honda pitwall tried to offer advice to kick-start the car. Alonso, resigned to his fate, shot back “I tried already, so try yourself”

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