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2017 Mexico GP Named Best F1 Race

2017 Mexico GP Named Best F1 Race

The 2017 Mexico GP was named as the best F1 race. This honour went to the city for the 3rd time in a row. This season, Formula One saw an eight percent increase in the number of fans attending races. 13 of the 20 races reported bigger crowds, as cited by figures published by the sport’s commercial rights holder. The Monaco GP and Abu Dhabi GP reported no change in spectator attendance. Five venues, including two of the races with the biggest overall turnout, saw slight decreases in 2016.

Formula One said that the season’s global average attendance per three-day event was 203,570 and 76,722 on race day. The total spectator attendance over the 20-race season was 4,071,400. The figure is set to increase next year with an extra race (France) added to the calendar.

2017 Mexico GP
Sean Bratches

Commercial managing director Sean Bratches said, “An attendance of more than 200,000 per event means that for 20 weekends per year. The population of a medium-sized city visits a race track to watch a Formula One Grand Prix.”

The 2017 season was the first under new U.S.-based owners, Liberty Media. The Canadian GP reported the biggest overall attendance of 360,000, an increase of 60,000 on 2016, followed by the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on 344,500 and the 2017 Mexico GP with 337,043. Formula One said the attendance figures were provided by promoters.

Azerbaijan saw the biggest percentage rise, up 58 percent with a reported crowd of 71,451. That was still the smallest of any race. Japan saw the biggest drop, down to 137,000 from a previous 145,000. Malaysia, which has fallen off the calendar after this year’s race, pulled in a total of 110,604 — a 19.69 percent rise on 2016.

2017 Mexico GP Voted Best Race

The award is decided by Formula One management in consultation with teams and stakeholders. Race promoter Alejandro Soberon said, “This is the first time ever that the same city gets three in a row. I think we are going to continue doing bigger and better every time.” Soberon is also the president and chief executive of the CIE Group that hosts the race with government backing.

Soberon said that the award was all the more significant this year since the Oct. 29 race came after a devastating earthquake in September.

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