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2018 Ashes: Interesting Ashes Facts

2018 Ashes: Interesting Ashes Facts

The Ashes – one of the most coveted tournaments in the history of Cricket – has begun and everyone has started playing their mind-games and applying their tactics on the opponent team. But Ashes has been a very precious relic in the the mausoleum of cricketing memories. Here’s a piece celebrating the sheer legacy of this tournament and highlights some interesting facts before the 2018 Ashes series begins!

Interesting Facts Before 2018 Ashes Begins

interesting Ashes facts
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Ashes-The genesis

The inception of the Ashes goes along with the inception of the game itself. The Englishmen, who were the founders of the game popularized it Down Under, that is, in Australia, which was one of their colonies then. There, they contested the first full fledged test series in 1872 which comprised of just one match. England lost that match by 7 runs and faced utter criticism from their home crowd. The English media mocked the team by saying that English cricket was dead and its ashes would be taken to Australia. This gave birth to the notion of Ashes and from then on Ashes is played after every two years and whomsoever wins it, is said to regain the ashes. This time, England are touring Australia for the 2018 Ashes series.

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