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Memes Summing the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix

Memes Summing the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix

The 2018 F1 Monaco Grand Prix culminated with Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo leading a lights to flag victory. Behind him, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Most the most part, the race was fairly uneventful save for Max Verstappen scything his way up the order.

For those who were unlucky to miss the race, through the power of social media and memes, we present to you, the 2018 Monaco GP in memes.

Ricciardo’s Victory

Monaco Grand Prix Memes

Ricciardo may have won, but it wasn’t a cut and dry win for the Australian. Midway through the race, he began to report a loss of power. Naturally, Ferrari found out and Vettel went on the attack. Fortunately, the circuit’s narrow nature was a major blessing in disguise.

Monaco Grand Prix Memes

Vettel closed up on several occasions but was unable to stick a nose in. As it turned out, Ricciardo was racing with a nearly 2-second deficit. The pace had been slowed down to such an extent that Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas had all caught up.

Monaco Grand Prix Memes

Soon there was a 5-car train consisting of Both Mercedes, Both Ferraris and Ricciardo’s Red Bull leading them. They gapped each other for a while before they bunched up again, with 6th placed Esteban Ocon nearly joining the party.

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