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2019 Chinese GP May Not be the 1000th F1 Race

2019 Chinese GP May Not be the 1000th F1 Race

Chinese Grand Prix

We are barely a few days away from the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix. Ahead of the season, there was a lot of hype generated around the fact that the Chinese GP may play host to the 1000th F1 race.

However, according to a few sources, it may not be the 1000th F1 race. According to F1 political/business journalist Fritz-Dieter Rencken, it is the 972nd race. These are mere technicalities as 11 rounds between 1950 and 1960 were contested in accordance with American Automobile Association (AAA) regulations.

In addition to that, eight rounds and nine rounds in 1952 and 1953 respectively, were contested in accordance with F2 regulations.

However, former Williams F1 driver Damon Hill tweeted about the revelation and poked fun at it. He said, “Look FDR, we’re all going to call it the 1000 FIA GP just for argument’s sake. Then we can move on. There’s always another anniversary of something else. 1000th pit lane speeding fine. 1000th Shoey. 1000th Victory for Lewis Hamilton etc etc etc

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