2019 F1 Calendar Could be Back to 20 Races


According to sources, the 2019 F1 calendar could feature 20 rounds as opposed to this season’s 21.

So far, the official details of next year’s schedule have taken longer to be revealed. Especially when compared to revealing the 2018 calendar, 12 months ago. The first draft of the 2018 calendar made an appearance in June 2017.

It has been said that the 2019 calendar will be announced ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix. This race will takes place on August 26th, a little more than 2 weeks from now.

The Formula One Management (FOM) are hard at work, finalising details of future contracts before making its announcements. So far, two races on this year’s schedule – the German and Japanese rounds – do not have deals for 2019.


With 2019 set to host 20 races, it would mean that one of these two races would be dropped. It is no secret that the German Grand Prix was usually held alternately, on even-numbered years at the Hockenheimring.

On the other end of scale, the Suzuka circuit is owned by F1 engine manufacturer Honda. Since they will supply the Red Bull team next year, it is unlikely to consider dropping its race.

However the a hefty turnout at last month’s German Grand Prix has renewed hopes of the race staying longer. The sport is also working on finalising a new street race in Miami in 2020. The original plan was for Miami to host a race next year, but the organisers and the F1 authorities failed to reach an agreement.

The new map proposed for the Miami F1 GP.
Source: RaceFans

What does this mean for the future of these races? Will Germany ever return? Will Chase Carey’s ambition to have Miami host an F1 race come to fruition? There are so many questions that need answering and the 2019 F1 season isn’t even upon us yet.


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