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2019 F1 Calendar to Feature Miami?

2019 F1 Calendar to Feature Miami?

The 2018 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix wrapped up this weekend and it was an exciting race. However, the rumour mill has churned out some news that this could be the last in Azerbaijan. According to Dutch sources, Liberty Media are eyeing the city of Miami as a replacement in the 2019 F1 calendar.

the 2018 edition was Azerbaijan’s third F1 race since its introduction in 2016. However, the American owners Liberty Media are keen to add another US-based Grand Prix. Aside from Miami, the new promoters have listed New York, Las Vegas, and Long Island as potential hosts.

2019 F1 calendar
The Miami Formula E layout

However, there have been rumours since March 2018 regarding Miami’s and Baku’s fates. F1’s licensing department filed trademarks for the “Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix” and the “Formula 1 Grand Prix of Miami”.

This is enough fuel to add to the fire of the rumours of a potential 2019 Miami Grand Prix. However, Liberty Media and the FIA have not yet made a statement regarding the situation. F1 also filed trademarks for the New York Grand Prix, Las Vegas Grand Prix and Danish Grand Prix. The latter is being considered an option for the 2020 F1 season.

According to certain sources, the Miami GP will also be a street circuit. The move makes sense as F1’s electric counterpart, Formula E already has Miami on the calendar. As seen in the above image, the layout is a street circuit.
But the question remains if the circuit will be wide enough for overtaking. Sometimes, in the case of Formula E, some circuits may be too tight to overtake. Hence, there is a risk of the race becoming ‘processional’.
Another obstacle will probably be the drivers and fans. With Baku having provided plenty of action in the last 3 editions, fans will be upset to see the circuit dropped for the 2019 F1 calendar.
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