2019 F1 Front Wings Will be an Unknown for Williams

August 17, 2018 12:32 am

Williams F1 technical chief Paddy Lowe has said that it is difficult for them to judge the impact of the new front wings on next year’s cars. With the aerodynamic regulations getting a shake-up for next season, things will be a bit harder for them. The shake-up was necessary to allow cars to follow each other more closely through corners.

In 2019, the front wings will have fewer elements to it. However, Lowe says that Williams in particular is unsure on what to expect in terms of wing development.

He said, “It’s a very good question and one that’s often brought up. Something that teams have said in the past is we’ll get back to where we were, but that feels completely arbitrary in itself. You try to pick a sensible level based on where you start. How accurate is that, and what difference does it make anyway, are two questions I don’t really have answers for.”

“I’m sure a lot of stuff will have to be re-optimised,” the Briton added. “We haven’t got that far with it, we’re starting from the front at the moment and working our way back!”

Williams F1 Technical director Paddy Lowe

This season has been the toughest pill to swallow for the Williams F1 team. At this stage, it is clear that they have been established as the backmarkers in the field. However, Lowe is aware of the team’s chance to make gains next season if it gets the new aerodynamic regulations right.

“It is quite a big change, so change is always an opportunity to do well. We’re very conscious of that and working very hard to be the right side of that opportunity and make some ground. It could be a disruption.”

But in the mean time, the team will have to endure the hardships of the 2018 season and see it off.

Claire Williams and Paddy Lowe
Dhruv George

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