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2020 ATP Tennis Season to Feature a Brand New Change

2020 ATP Tennis Season to Feature a Brand New Change


According to certain sources, the ATP has confirmed a few changes that will take place from 2020 onwards. According to a tweet from Times’ tennis correspondent, Stuart Fraser, the ATP has announced that the shot clock will feature in all tournaments.

For the uninitiated, the shot clock is used to prevent players from taking too long to serve. It is a 25-second countdown from the end of a certain point to serve for the next one.

It was previously introduced for Masters events, and even the WTA announced last year that they were also going to implement the system at Premier events. Australian Open 2019 also used the shot clock for men and women.

The changes were trialled in the build-up to the 2018 US Open. The Grand Slam was the first to introduce it, during qualifying in 2017 and employed it once again in 2018 in the main draw for the first time.

Surprisingly, when it was first introduced, tennis players like Marin Cilic, who were known for taking too long between serves, supported it wholeheartedly. Other changes include kicking off the 2020 season with the inaugural ATP Cup. This is a new team event into the calendar which will act as as a major launch to the ATP season.

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