2021 Engine Rules: Ferrari Issue New Threats to Quit

December 2, 2017 10:41 pm

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne has issued new threats to quit Formula One over the new 2021 engine rules. He affirmed that this threat is a “serious” one. Marchionne is unhappy with the sport’s proposed 2021 engine rules. These rules were revealed at the end of October this year. He stood by that message on Saturday at a news conference to launch the new partnership between Alfa Romeo and Sauber.

FCA Chief Executive and Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne

Marchionne said, “The dialogue has started and will continue to evolve. We have time until 2020 to find a solution which benefits Ferrari. The threat of Ferrari leaving Formula One is serious. The agreement with Sauber expires in 2020-2021, right when Ferrari could leave. We have to find a solution which is good for the sport but we also have to be clear on the things we can’t back down on.”

Ferrari is the only team that has competed in every F1 season since its inauguration in 1950. It is also the most successful team, with 16 constructors’ championships and 15 drivers’ titles. However it has been almost a decade without a constructor’s trophy, having last won the constructors’ title in 2008. It’s last individual champion was Kimi Raikkonen in 2007. Ferrari are not the only one’s who have voiced their displeasure at the 2021 rules though. Mercedes has also complained about the proposed changes, which will make teams more equal in terms of engine power.

But despite the protestations, it doesn’t seem like the FIA are going to budge. Also, the other teams are perfectly happy with the 2021 engine rules proposal. But it is almost 2018 and there is time to work out the few kinks that have been bothering the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes. It also remains to be seen if Ferrari really will carry out that threat.

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