343 Industries Hints at Massive Update on Xbox Exclusive Halo Infinite Before the End of the Year

November 20, 2020 9:38 pm

Xbox Series S/X released on November 10 and the response has been tremendous. However, the Xbox wasn’t accompanied by an exclusive title at launch. Halo Infinite was supposed to fill this void before 343 Industries announced a delay in its release.

The ongoing pandemic is the driving reason behind the delay, but the developers have highlighted several other factors over the last few weeks.

Fans since then have been pretty eager to know more about the process of development. But 343 Industries has been quite successful in keeping everything under wraps. Just recently, the devs also announced that Halo Infinite won’t appear at The Game Awards, prompting the fans to get more suspicious. 343 Industries informed the fans that an update will only emanate when they have something more substantial to show.

Halo Infinite to get a high-level update soon?

The devs announced the absence of the title from The Game Awards but built some suspense along with it by hinting at a ‘high-level update’ that is currently under development.

This aroused more suspicion as the fans grew eager to know more about this piece of news. This is what the devs had to say on the number of questions that have been asked recently.

“We want nothing more than to answer your questions. We can’t wait to go into deep detail about the rich story and characters in the Halo Infinite campaign, to dive into exactly how customization and progression works and shows up visually in the multiplayer experience, and provide a detailed look at the incredible depth of content across the entire game.”

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343 Industries has had a rocky year so far. The studio revealed the game back in July and got an underwhelming response from the media and the fans. They challenged the game on its art direction and use of technology that was seemingly subpar.

This prompted the devs to hire more professionals to get the job done and to meet expected standards.

The studio confessed that it has been silent for several reasons. But also assured the fans of a massive update sometime by the end of this year in the same breath.

“The best we can say right now is ‘when it’s ready.’ That’s not the same as ‘when it’s done,’ but it’s still ‘not yet.’ When we get close, we’ll be sure to let you know ahead of time. Your questions will, eventually, be answered.”

The fans will have to be patient for a while longer. This year has brought a series of unprecedented issues that have affected the natural chain of events. Will the update be a game-changer? Stay tuned to find out.

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