Indian Cricket Team
Indian Cricket team

While a lot of blame is being copped by Indian captain MS Dhoni and the players for the series loss against South Africa, one can’t help but wonder that support staff and the team think tank, that is, the Team Management are also to be blamed. We bring 5 decisions/tactics by the Indian Team Management which have nothing but baffling to say the least.

1.  Dropping Bhajji from the test squad

Harbhajan Singh was overlooked for the Test squad when the team for the final two ODIs and the first Test was announced. That he was India’s leading spinner in the format and had ages of experience was ignored. Also the fact that he had performed admirably in the two ODIs before that was blatantly ignored in favour of Ravindra Jadeja. In yesterday’s match amidst the run fest that was going on and Indian bowlers were being smacked across the park, he looked like the only bowler who could take a wicket. He was given the final over to bowl which shows how well he had bowled and the Captain’s faith in him. Unfortunately he won’t be featuring in the test matches which could cost India dearly especially when Ashwin has already been ruled out due to a side strain.

Harbhajan Singh after taking a wicket (Image courtesy: Cricinfo)
Harbhajan Singh after taking a wicket (Image courtesy: Cricinfo)


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