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5 Most Controversial Dressing Room Incidents

5 Most Controversial Dressing Room Incidents

In cricket we witness a lot of animated action on field, but a lot of it is also hidden from us. Eleven players coming from different backgrounds, playing and staying with each other, what must they be doing inside the dressing room? Do they play pranks like we do? Do they fight? Is there anyone who motivates the team when the cards are down? What happens when the team loses? Or when it wins? Like most cricket followers you too must have wondered about these at some point. We get to know a few moments when the players themselves narrate these behind the scene moments, while others are leaked into the media as controversies which are most of the time played down by players as rumours. But what if they weren’t just rumours but true incidents?

Here is a sneak peek into cricket’s behind-the-scene moments, as we narrate to you 5 dressing room controversies that have been known to hit the world of cricket;

5.The James Anderson – Damien Martyn fiasco

(Credits: Daily Telegraph)

During the 2006/07 Ashes series, an agitated James Anderson who was egged by Australian cricketer Damien Martyn attacked Michael Clarke with a batsman’s pad inside the dressing room at the Adelaide Oval. The incident occurred post Australia’s six wicket victory, Anderson reasoned that he attacked Clarke because he could not withstand the latter’s arrogance.

However Martyn’s role in the attack didn’t go well with his team mates. He also got involved in an altercation with Mathew Hayden because of the incident. Hayden later on tagged Martyn as “the biggest wanker on the planet”. As a repercussion to this incident Martyn announced his retirement a couple of days later.

This particular incident was recalled and narrated by Anderson in his autobiography Jimmy: My Story

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