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5 Greatest Controversies In Cricket

5 Greatest Controversies In Cricket


Cricket is known a gentleman’s game. It is marked for its spirit, team work and mutual respect which teams share on and off the field. However instances like on field disagreements, sledging, banter and most commonly excess of aggression often lead to ugly spats and altercation giving rise to something which gets the social media going, ‘controversy’. Well controversies aren’t any good, sure they do spice up things and add to ‘entertainment’ but they taint the game we love. Today cricket too has stepped into the era of social media where everyone wants to be trending, add to those shorter games, hotter heads and irresponsible comments and you know that a controversy every now and then has become a part and parcel of the game.

As we talk of controversy let us look at 5 on-field instances that hit the world of cricket;

5.The Bodyline Series

Bodyline series
(Credits: ESPN Cricinfo)

The Bodyline Series is possibly one of the biggest controversies in cricket. During the Ashes series of 1932-33, the English bowlers formulated a new tactic to prevent the Australian batsmen from scoring at a brisk pace, thus restricting their freedom. The English bowlers resorted to bowling short pitched deliveries aimed at the body of the batsmen. This was devised especially to cramp Don Bradman. Although no players were seriously injured in the process, it dented the relationship between the two teams and also led to bitter diplomatic ties between the two nations. The Bodyline series is rated as one of the most controversial incident in this history of cricket.

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