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5 Innovative F1 Car Designs in the Sport

5 Innovative F1 Car Designs in the Sport

Cars in Formula 1 are a complex piece of machinery. They are the product of years of innovation and research. Millions of dollars go into the making of a Formula 1 car and they truly take some creative engineering to get the best out of the car within the regulations. Here we look at five innovative F1 car designs that actually made it onto the grid and raced.

Innovative F1 car designs

1. RB7’s Exhaust-Blown Diffuser

RB7's Exhaust-Blown Diffuser.
RB7’s Exhaust-Blown Diffuser.

In 2011, Red Bull mastered the art of creating more rear downforce with its exhaust blown diffuser. By mounting the exhaust outlets in line with the floor, the air would flow through and over the diffuser and the car would have a better airflow and hence create more downforce by pushing the floor down as the air passed over the diffuser. Even though such exhaust-blown diffusers have been employed on cars since the late 1990s, Newey and his team mastered one of the most unique F1 car designs to suit their car the best and eventually led them to dominate the 2011 Formula season.

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