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Five Key Talking Points: Manchester United vs Liverpool

Five Key Talking Points: Manchester United vs Liverpool

When two giants collide, tremors are felt across the globe. With 38 English League titles worth of trophies and more importantly, the pride and bragging rights at stakes, sparks are supposed to fly. The titanic clash of the Barclays Premier League, the showdown between the two traditional arch-rivals and pillars of the English Football, Manchester United and Liverpool.

This season was no exception as both sets of fans were, almost violently, rooting for their team to win the match. Tactically, a derby win at such an early part of the season can set the tempo of the team and is a much needed moral and mental tonic for the winning team given the gravity and pressure of the match and situation.

Manchester United and Liverpool met at the Old Trafford first for a second season running. We bring to you the five key talking points from the match.

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