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Top 5 Liverpool players likely to leave this summer

Top 5 Liverpool players likely to leave this summer

If we judge by the acquisitions made by a club over a transfer window & see their line-ups during the first few matches, it would be obvious which players have no future with the club.

Five of these listed Liverpool FC players are set to leave the club, having been frozen to the fringes of the team. Some of the names, however, most Liverpool fans would be more than glad to see leave.

5. João Carlos Teixeira

João Carlos Teixeira

January 2012 saw this youngster sign from Sporting CP to Liverpool. However, he has primarily been a bench-warmer and a reserve player. The 2014/15 season saw him loaned to Championship side Brighton, where he helped the club avoid relegation from the league.

While he has been included in the Liverpool squad for the season, his preferred position is taken by Coutinho. He really has three options with him. The first is to shine in the Capital One cup and Europa League matches and capitalize on any opportunities that present themselves during the season. The second is, he could go on loan and continue to develop at his temporary club. And lastly, he could depart in search for new pastures.

He is gifted, no doubt, but will take a lot of hard work to really replace Liverpool’s Brazilian magician and it might be more tempting for Teixeira to leave the squad.

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