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A thrilling race, saw Max Verstappen shatter some records as Merecedes expereienced a disaster of a race. Here are 5 memes that perfectly sum up the 2016 Spanish Grandprix.

  1. Sebastian Vettel was the holder of many “Youngest” records in F1.  They seem to be taken by Max Verstappen, who took a few more youngest driver records today. The Red Bull’s were able to match Ferrari throughout the race.


The Dutch youngster who made his debut in the Senior Red Bull Racing team became the youngest, and first Dutch driver to lead a F1 race. He would end up as the youngest F1 Winner, at the age of 18 years and some 7 months, shattering Sebastian’s record by over 2 and a half years. Looks like Vettel will be hopeful to cling on to a few more of his “youngest” records.


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