5 of the Best Damian Lillard Shoes

By 9 months ago

Damian Lillard hit a blockbuster shoe endorsement deal with Adidas after just two years into his NBA career. His deal is estimated to be around $10 million a year, earning him $100 million over 10 years. If you are looking for Damian Lillard shoes, here are five of the best ones-

Adidas Dame 5-

Adidas Dame 5

The Adidas Dame 5 is known to have the best bounce setup among all the Damian Lillard shoes. These are straight out of the box shoes and does not have any break-in time, meaning they can be straight away put ti use once brought. What’s more is you have 14 different colour combinations to choose from.

Adidas Dame 3-

Adidas Dame 3

The Adidas Dame 3 was observed as a highly comfortable set of shoes. The lacing system, which can be customized, is what provides the added comfort and lockdown. While they are comfortable on and off court, it’s stylish look also makes it a lifestyle wear.

Adidas Dame 4-

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Adidas Dame 4

The implementation of the Bounce cushioning is observed as an impressive feature in the Adidas Dame 4. The cushioning delivers the right amount of impact protection and court feel. Although, there have been a few upgrades for this shoe, it still remains one of the best shoe in it price range.

Adidas Dame 2

Adidas Dame 2

The Adidas Dame 2 is made of premium materials and gives a balanced feel of the new Bounce cushioning after upgrading from its previous version. The shoes give good ankle support and provide excellent traction on clean and semi-dusty indoor courts.

Adidas D Lillard-

Adidas D Lillard

Although, there have been quite a few upgrades to it, the first of the Adidas Damian Lillard shoes are known to provide good traction. If you are looking for good low top shoes, these are light and comfortable and they break in easily without creasing.

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