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5 of the best overtakes of the 2015 F1 season

5 of the best overtakes of the 2015 F1 season

Overtaking is an art and one which even makes Mona Lisa scream, “God that was close!”. It’s  a major part of the sporting side of Formula One. It separates the very good from the good and the world champions from the 20 odd inhumans out on the track.

The 2015 season saw a 10% decrease in the number of overtakes than the already short on overtakes 2014. The two Torro Rosso young guns provided about 1/5th of the total overtakes this year with Verstappen claiming 49 legit moves and Sainz with 45.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the name Verstappen appears more often than not on this list we at ES have compiled for the best overtakes of the season.

5.   Felipe Massa on Marcus Ericcson (Canada)”



Felipe Massa has been on a revival and a soul searching journey after his stint at Ferrari and he’s apparently found his old self back at Williams F1. The move at Canada was not as clean as it could be but, boy was that what racing is about, it’s about fighting for your space, wheel banging and being on the line between fair and ruthless. The move was a classic, outside first, on the inside on the next and probably would have not been possible had Ericcson pushed Massa off the line and compromised Massa’s entry to the right hander. Massa took the opportunity and boy did he impress us.

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