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5 Players to Flourish Under Klopp

5 Players to Flourish Under Klopp

Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp’s arrival to Liverpool seems to be biggest thing to have happened to the club in recent times. With the German hoping to get the team back into the elites, three games have been played so far and improvement in terms of intensity and tempo is clearly visible. They still seem to lack quality but Klopp is the man who has the ability to get the best out of an otherwise moderate squad.

Here is a list of players who could flourish under his regime.

Adam Lallana

  Adam who now has a much more pronounced role in the team,seems to have shown progress under Klopp so far. He is now able to play his preferred position of center attacking midfielder. It would be hard for him to become a regular in the Liverpool team because there are so many good players the Reds have in his position. But Klopp seems to have a good understanding with the player and has starred him in all his 3 matches. It’s just the matter of game time, the more he plays, the sooner he’ll reach his prime at the club. Lallana was played on flanks in Rodgers system and failed to impress. Lallana seems to have adapted well to Klopp’s high pressing game in just 3 games, and could be lethal for the squad as the season commences.

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