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5 players who won Australian Open without losing a set

5 players who won Australian Open without losing a set

Serena Williams

Every grand slam winner would tell you that winning a grand slam requires great deal of hard work and mental strength. But, winning it without dropping a single set is a challenge. It requires the highest degree of concentration and determination in each and every match.

In the open era it has been achieved 39 times in women’s singles with Martina Navratilova leading the pack achieving this feat on 6 occasions.

On men’s side it has been done just 7 times with Bjorn Borg doing it 3 times.

Here look at tennis professionals who have won the Australian open without losing a set.

1 . Roger Federer (2007)

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Roger Federer won his 10th major in style without dropping a set for the first and only time in his career (until now) . He won 64.7% of the total games played.

In this campaign Roger Federer played 3 tiebreaks, the first one against Mikhail Youzhny in the third round (won 7-5), the second against Tommy Robredo in the quarters (won 7-2) and the final one against Fernando Gonzalez in the final (won 7-2)

Fun Fact : This was the last time that Roger defeated Novak at the Australian open and that too without dropping a set ( 6-2 7-5 6-3)

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