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Five positives for Chelsea in the 2015/16 season

Five positives for Chelsea in the 2015/16 season

Chelsea, this season, experienced a strong storm that faded their success of last season. Having played 15 matches in the Premier League as of yet, they managed to win only 3 of them with 3 draws, and they now stand at the 14th position with a total of 15 points. Even through these are tough times, some players shone bright, showing their talent even in the midst of a club crisis.

Let’s look at five positives in Chelsea’s 2015-16 season that helped fans keep their faith in the players and manager Jose Mourinho.

1. The Willian Effect

Willian celebrating his goal for Chelsea
Willian celebrating his goal for Chelsea.

The Brazilian Willian put his best foot forward to support his team from breaking down & stepped up quite professionally. He brought up the team’s confidence from time to time with his exceptional goal scoring skills.  He went on to score from free kicks in the team’s next three matches; including Premier League matches against Newcastle United and Southampton. Out of a total of 14 games played, he scored in 2 of them and had 1 assist, which places him in a better position than Chelsea star Eden Hazard. His exponential progress has surely been a blessing to Chelsea.

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