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Euro 2016: 5 Starlets Review

Euro 2016: 5 Starlets Review

International competition is a time of immense excitement. Tournaments take you back to a specific time in your life and the amount of football on offer is impossible to experience in any other time period. It also provides immense opportunity to discover new talent budding around the world. At Euro 2016 too, all of this will hold true. We could potentially witness the first glimpses of the next Messi or Ronaldo.

1. Renato Sanches

Talking of Ronaldo, Portugal are starting to create regular talent off their production lines and with Ronaldo as a benchmark to aim for, the new youth players have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. However, Renato Sanches has already jumped above Ronaldo in two areas. His recent transfer to Bayern Munich for £35m is the highest any player has been bought for, from a Portuguese league. His selection for the Euros at the age of 18 makes him the youngest Portuguese player to be selected, a record held by Ronaldo for the past 12 years. He started at Benfica and won the league playing for them this year, and goes into the tournament after impressing off the bench against England. His style is powerful and fast, owing to which he is able to play in a myriad of positions. He is most closely compared with Edgar Davids, though that possibly has more to do with his dreadlocks than anything else.

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