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5 Life Lessons To Be Learnt From Claudio Ranieri and Leicester City

5 Life Lessons To Be Learnt From Claudio Ranieri and Leicester City

At the start of the season bookmakers were offering odds of 5000/1 on Leicester City to win the title. Yes, the Premier League was becoming increasingly competitive in recent years but there was absolutely no earthly reason why anyone would have thought that this might happen. The world is now standing up and taking notice of them. With just 3 matches to go, with a handsome 7 point lead, Leicester City have the potential to become one of the greatest sporting stories ever told. As they stand on the threshold of history, here are a few things that can be learnt from their fairy tale journey:

Keep Things Simple

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If there’s one thing that Leicester’s success can be attributed to, it is about how they did not overcomplicate things. When Claudio Ranieri came in as the manager, he made minor tactical tweaks switching to a zonal marking system, highly influenced by the great Arrigo Sacchi’s Milan side. He came in with his Italian style of play but most importantly he stuck to it. The team, on its part adapted brilliantly to his style. He has barely made changes to his starting 11 and that has resulted in the team gelling together. People say they have been lucky to not have a lot of injuries but again, that can be attributed to their training regime of having 2 days of rest per week as well.

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