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5 World Class Players brought up by Louis Van Gaal

5 World Class Players brought up by Louis Van Gaal

From steering Ajax to the Champions League trophy in 1995, to winning multiple league titles in Germany, Spain and Netherlands, to almost taking the Netherlands to World Cup Glory in 2014, Louis Van Gaal has achieved almost everything in his illustrious management career. His accolades speak for itself and his ability as a manager puts him right up there among football’s most decorated managers. One of his most revered characteristics was his ability to seek promising young talent, something which he has always maintained to be a part of his philosophy. In light of recent speculation surrounding his retirement, this feature brings to light some of the players brought up by Van Gaal, who turned out to be world class players.

1. Andres Iniesta :

A player of Iniesta’s ability who has won ¬†everything world football has to offer, needs no introduction. Iniesta has made a name for himself as one of the finest creative midfielders of the generation and is already regarded as one of Barcelona’s greatest ever players. But few will know of the fact that Iniesta was first brought to light by Louis Van Gaal when the Dutch manager was at his second spell as Barcelona’s manager in 2002. Although his second stint at Barcelona was not his greatest, he was lauded for his recognition of Iniesta’s talent. The Spanish maestro made his debut as an 18-year old and would go on to win four Champions League medals, eight La Liga titles, two European Championships and one World Cup.

Champions League
Andres Iniesta made his debut as an 18 -year old under LVG
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