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7 memes to sum up the exciting Austrian Grand Prix

7 memes to sum up the exciting Austrian Grand Prix

Well it was quite a thrilling and entertaining Austrian Grand Prix with many things happening all over the circuit. 

We sum up the entire race for you in the form of these brilliantly hilarious memes:

At the front, Lewis Hamilton took charge early in the race thanks to a slower McLaren Honda of Jenson Button holding others back. His strategy was compromised because Nico Rosberg had to undercut the rvials with a timely pit stop.

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When Lewis did take the pitstop, Nico Rosberg took charge and went ahead and assumed lead. It was all well and fine until the last pit stops where both opted for different tires. Lewis went with yellow wall Softs and Nico with the red wall Super Softs. They were both in close proximity to each other throughout the last run with Nico Rosberg having a certain edge over him thanks to cleaner air.

Austrian Grand Prix
Credits: LCF1 memes

And then it all went crazy on the last lap when Lewis Hamilton tried to take advantage of Nico’s error and tried to overtake him. Nico’s brakes had gone off and hence he was not able to break on time causing a collision with the German losing his front wing! He not only lost the lead, he ended up in fourth position overtaken by Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen

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