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8 of the Worst Title Defences in F1 History

8 of the Worst Title Defences in F1 History

Rosberg overshadowing Hamilton in 2016

The 2016 F1 season has been one jam-packed with action. With only 4 racedays left, Nico Rosberg is within sniffing distance of clinching the title from teammate Lewis Hamilton, who’s had a couple of nasty crashes hinder his chance of being at the top and defending his title. While old Lewie technically still has a chance of clawing back to the top of the ladder, some others over the years haven’t been so lucky – be it crashes, faulty cars or just plain bad luck.

Here are 8 of the worst title defences in F1 history (in chronological order)

Jack Brabham 1959-Champion, 1960-champion, 1961- 11th Position

Sir Jack Brabham with the 1959 championship
Sir Jack Brabham with the 1959 championship

The season of 1959 saw the meteoric rise of Jack Brabham reach his peak, as he won his first Championship, racing with Cooper. He successfully defended his title in 1960, coming back from a DNF and a rather unseemly disqualification in his first and second races respectively.

But the subsequent season had something else in store for him. With a massive shake up in the regulations leading to engine capacities being capped at 1.5 L, the four-cylinder Coventry-Cooper engine deployed in his racecar at the time just couldn’t cope with the Ferrari’s beastly new V6. Podium finishes just eluded Brabham that year.

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