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9 Jumbo Facts About Anil Kumble

9 Jumbo Facts About Anil Kumble

On the day of Anil Kumble’s 47th birthday, we look at some interesting facts about the ace spinner. Kumble has had a long and illustrious career, not just as a player but as a captain of the team and later even as coach.

Anil Kumble’s Nickname

His ‘jumbo jet’ deliveries earned Anil Kumble the nickname “Jumbo”. For a spinner, his deliveries are unusually quick. But there is another reason behind the nickname. His feet are quite big or “Jumbo” as observed by his team-mates.


No Pain, No Gain

Kumble’s prodigious capacity to bear pain was proved in Antigua in 2002. He fractured his jaw during the match, but that wasn’t going to stop him. He bandaged it and promptly delivered a stirring spell. Despite spitting out blood, he continued to play on the field for a while.


Domestic Roots

Kumble played his first domestic match for Karnataka at the age of 19 against Hyderabad, 25 years back in 1989. How time flies!


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