“Islam Should Be Worried”- MMA Fans Ecstatic as ‘Enigma’ Michael Johnson Pens a New UFC Deal

The MMA fans react to the news of fan-favorite UFC fighter Michael 'The Menace' Johnson penning a new contract with the UFC.

Rohit Lohan

April 1, 2023

Bruce Springsteen Raised More Than $300,000 by Giving Away His Prized Possession to Support Equestrian Daughter’s Olympic Team in 2020

Bruce Springsteen is known to take interest in his daughter's equestrian career; once he auctioned away some prized possessions to support the same.

Rahul Goutam Hoom

April 1, 2023

“Your Daughter Going to School”: High School Football Coach Moved to Tears While Addressing Recent Nashville School Shooting

Georgia Tech football head coach Brent Key addresses the nation in a tearful press conference, after the Nashville shooting, begging for a change.

Soumyapriyo Ganguly

April 1, 2023

“Looks a Lot Like Miami Beach Senior High”- MMA Fans React to a High School Teacher Getting KO’d While Mediating a ‘Wild’ School Brawl

The MMA fans react to a high school teacher getting knocked out while he tried mediating a 'wild' school brawl between kids.

Rohit Lohan

April 1, 2023

MLB Legend Alex Rodriguez Supports His Fitness Expert Girlfriend Jaclyn Cordeiro With Touching Gesture

Alex Rodriguez and Jaclyn Cordeiro have been dating since October last year. Most recently, A-Rod promoted his girlfriend's fitness endeavor.

Pranay Mukherjee

April 1, 2023

“It’s Getting Ridiculous” – American Fans Unite Over Spending Thousands To Watch Ted Lasso Among Other Sports As Insider Details the Expensive Streaming Market

Fans in America are not happy with the expensive streaming market that costs thousands of dollars to watch Ted Lasso along with other sports.

Saransh Chauhan

April 1, 2023

“There Was Only One Person”: Gisele Bündchen Once Revealed the Real Individual Who Rescued Her From Emotional Heartbreaks

In her memoir from 2018, Gisele Bündchen opened up about her run-ins with anxiety and depression as she revealed her true savior.

Armaan Gupta

April 1, 2023

“Needs to Get Out of Anaheim ASAP”: Fans Lament Shohei Ohtani’s Fate as His Historic Heroics Fail to Save Los Angeles Angels From Embarrassing Defeat

Shohei Ohtani is a generational talent. But the Los Angeles Angels lost their Opening game despite his stellar play on both sides today.

Pranay Mukherjee

April 1, 2023

“Humanity Sucks!”: Netizens Brutally Slam Swimming Group’s Disastrous Act on Pod of Dolphins

Swimming is a peaceful activity, which was turned malicious by a bunch of swimmers who appear to be harassing a pod of dolphins for no reason.

Apoorva Behl

April 1, 2023

“Only 2 People Who Could’ve Pulled This Off Are You and Whitney Houston”: Dwyane Wade’s Wife Gabrielle Union Basks in Daughter Zaya’s Huge Week to Leave Fans Weak-Kneed

After watching stepdaughter Zaya Wade in her debut fashion show, Gabrielle Union followed the act with her stunning dress at GLAAD awards.

Anuj Talwalkar

April 1, 2023

Following the “Ducking” Accusations, Logan Paul’s Former Rival Makes Another Stunning Claim on Nate Diaz: “He Wants to Fight Jake Paul Instead”

Following Logan Paul's recent disclosure that Nate Diaz ducked him, another influencer came out with a surprising claim on the possible fight

Pragjyoti Singh

April 1, 2023

Cody Rhodes Highlights How Paul Heyman’s 1-Month-Old Mistake Is Going to Haunt Him at WrestleMania: “ I Worry More About Your Safety”

WWE superstar Cody Rhodes warns the 'Wise Man' Paul Heyman that he will pay for his one-month-old mistake at WrestleMania 39

Manjot Kaur

April 1, 2023

“Why Do You Hate Your Fan Base So Much?”: Pokemon Go Developer’s Changes Draw Unhappy Questions From Its Fanbase

The Pokemon Company and Niantics have have announced a bunch of major changes their popular AR game Pokemon Go

Rohit Sejwal

April 1, 2023

“God Saved My Life”: A Cowboy Once Overcame Near-Fatal Skull and Brain Injury From a Riding Accident, to Star in Hollywood

An equestrian once faced a horrifying injury that almost took away his life; fortunately he survived and got a chance in Hollywood.

Soumili Chatterjee

April 1, 2023

“I Can’t Kill Bob”: Bruce Lee Made a ‘Face-Saving Excuse’ After Bizarre Rumors Erupted to Hype His Movie Once

Martial art legend Bruce Lee's injury on the set of Enter The Dragon created a baseless controversy. However, Lee later reasoned himself out of it.

Muskan Sharma

April 1, 2023

“Don’t See Michael Jordan in His Hey-Day”: Renowned NASCAR Insider Dismisses Bubba Wallace’s Cry for Help Using His Billionaire Team Owner’s Reference

NASCAR spotter Brett Griffin recently reacted to the comments of 23XI Racing driver Bubba Wallace after his day ended early at COTA.


April 1, 2023

“He Calls, and He Says the Fight Is Off” – Logan Paul Accuses This Former UFC Star Of “Ducking” Him Despite Having the “Sweetest Deal” in Hand

Logan Paul names the UFC star who he feels is running away from facing him in a boxing match despite having a guaranteed million PPV buys.

Mayur Soni

April 1, 2023

“Conor’s Not a Fake Character Like Colby” – Fans In Praise For Conor McGregor While Comparing His Injury To Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman

After Chris Weidman's recent remarks about his and Anderson Silva's leg break, fans applauded Conor McGregor for he handled his injury.

Sushant sharma

April 1, 2023

‘Not Very Well’: Just Days Before the Masters, 73-Year-Old Golf Legend Tom Watson Provides Crucial Health Update

Golf legend, Tom Watson, made an unexpected revelation about his health and it was enough to throw golf fans off their feet!

Joydeep Singh

April 1, 2023

After Making Big Admission on LeBron James and Kevin Durant, WNBA Icon Confesses ‘Wanting to Be’ this Lakers Legend to Draymond Green

WNBA icon expresses her wish to be like a LA Lakers icon after her big admission on LeBron James and Kevin Durant on the Draymond Green Show

Prateek Singh

April 1, 2023