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A Closer Look at Horizon Forbidden West

A Closer Look at Horizon Forbidden West

Last week, Sony unveiled the technological supremacy of PlayStation 5 at The Future Of Gaming digital event. The event was spectacular, and alongside the next-gen hardware, we also got a first glimpse at dozens of next-gen games. While each game was unique and appealing on its own, some games simply outdid the rest. Horizon Forbidden West is one of those games.

The event showcased the announcement trailer for Guerrilla’s upcoming game, a sequel to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn. While the brief trailer fortified certain aspects of the diverse world in a post-apocalyptic setting, it wasn’t as informative, especially for newcomers to the franchise.

Now, Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment have published a follow-up video that takes us farther into the world of Horizon Forbidden West.

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Expect “virtually” no loading screens in Horizon Forbidden West

Although the video features the same footage from the trailer, game director Mathijs de Jonge, shares fascinating new insights about the game set in the distant future. For starters, he confirmed the studio is aiming to release Horizon Forbidden West in 2021 for PS5.

The developers have always desired to create an exceptionally detailed world that engrosses players. The technological muscle of Sony’s next-gen console has made it possible. “With the additional power of the PlayStation 5, we can make our world more detailed, more vibrant, and more immersive,” the game director said.

PS5’s ultra-fast SSD ensures there will be “virtually” no loading screens. Moreover, fast traveling across the map, restarting from a checkpoint, or booting up the game to join in on the action, will be incredibly fast.

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A look into the post-apocalyptic world set in the distant future

According to Mathijs de Jonge, the game’s title refers to a “mysterious new frontier” spanning from Utah to the western Pacific Ocean.

Players will assume control of protagonist Aloy, a hunter for the Nora Tribe, in her journey across the vast in-game world to discover valleys, deserts, and ruined cities, while uncovering mysteries. The map is not only bigger than the prequel, but also deeper. Thus, players get to explore beneath the surface of lakes and rivers.

The landscapes might be stunning, but danger lurks on every corner in the Forbidden West.

Deadly machines dominate the air, water, and land. Sunwings vigil the skies, Snapmaws predate the waters, and Shell-Snappers protect the shores and swamps.

Additionally, players will encounter tons of new machines across the Forbidden West. To combat and master them effectively, players must scan and study each of the machines. Perhaps one of the gigantic machines is the mammoth-like Tremortusk, loaded with weapons and heavy armor.

The enormous world also hosts new tribes. While some tribes are peaceful, others are hostile. One of the antagonistic tribes has honed the skill of overriding beastly machines to utilize in combat.

However, the post-apocalyptic world faces a more significant challenge than a violent environment. A red blight infects the lands, choking and starving wildlife, as well as tribes. Meanwhile, the weather has spiraled out of control too. Enormous supercell storms ravage the lands, leaving the canyons and fields flooded.

Aloy will have to go to great lengths in order to save this world,” Mathijs de Jonge concluded.

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