A Member of the French Giants PSG Setup Dies of Heart Attack

September 6, 2019 5:28 pm

French giants Paris Saint Germain (PSG) lose one of the members in the coaching setup of the club’s hierarchy. Jose Soares, a a guard coach of the PSG N3 team died of heart attack on Thursday at the age of 66, after working with the team for 15 years. He suffered some discomfort while training with the senior team

He joined the Paris based club in 2004 as the goalkeeper coach of the N3 squad.

Very popular and well respected within the club , he was nicknamed “the Cat”.

“Born in Portugal in 1953, José will have irradiated all those who knew him with his smile, his enthusiasm, his immense passion for football and his unwavering commitment to Paris Saint-Germain” the members of his squad worte (roughly translated from French).

All the players of the all teams of the club will honor him during the weekend with armbands and a minute of silence before the kick off.

Loic Tanzi, a journalist with the RMC sports confirmed the death on twitter.
” PSG lost one of its members on Wednesday with Jose Soares, (guard coach in N3), suffering from heart attack. All those who knew him spoke only good of the man,” the tweet roughly translates.

Soares was a goalkeeper in his playing days and is fondly remembered by everyone who is acquainted to him.

Essentially Sports pays respect to Jose Soares. It is never easy to cope up after a loss of a person close to you. We, at Essentially Sports, hope the Soares family and everyone close to the man have strength to get over the loss.
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