A Simple DIY Method to Turn Your PS5 Black

November 17, 2020 10:25 pm

Gothalion, on Twitter, has informed the PlayStation community of a very simple, yet efficient method to get a custom colored PS5. With the help of spray paint, he gave a matte black finish to his PS5 that looks unique and authentic at the same time.

Interestingly, the whole procedure of painting your PS5 doesn’t cost much. You can either reach out to a local paint shop where it would cost around $50, or paint your PS5 yourself with a spray can.

As per Gothalion, it does not affect overheating at all because it’s “like a candy shell”. 

As for now, the proud owner of the matte black PS5 has taken the shell back into the auto shop to respray it, smooth out the edges and eventually, get a darker finish.

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Will Sony accept a custom painted PS5 coming from a third party?

As for now, Sony has officially released its next-gen console only in a white-black color variant. It certainly looks great; however, a majority of fans might prefer a custom painted PS5.

Interestingly, this is not the first attempt to customize the look of the PS5.  Earlier this year, a third party seller named PlateStation 5 manufactured custom plates for the PS5, and put them up for pre-orders even before the console’s release.

Naturally, the custom plates gained the community’s attention, but Sony soon stepped in the situation. As a result, PlateStation 5 not only changed its name to Customize My Plates, but canceled all the current orders.

In an official statement on Twitter, it stated:

“As I’m sure some of you will be finding out. Due to patent and intellectual property issues, we will be canceling all orders and processing refunds. We’ll work hard over the weekend to get this done, so please bare with us. Once complete you’ll receive an email.”

Despite all the trouble, the company is back at producing custom plates for the PS5.

Hence, it is safe to assume that Sony is not welcoming any third-party custom accessories for the PS5. The Japanese tech-giant will most probably release its own set of custom plates, and certainly, it wouldn’t want to share the revenue with any other manufacturers.

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As for now, Sony is yet to respond on the viral DIY method. Do you prefer the white-colored PS5 or a custom painted console that reflects your style?

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