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Aaron Finch Incurs Wrath of Wife Ahead of New Zealand Clash

Aaron Finch Incurs Wrath of Wife Ahead of New Zealand Clash

Australia captain, Aaron Finch evoked a few guffaws during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 press conference. At the time, he was talking about the importance of staying fresh and alert when travelling so much.

He said that when players get days off, it is important to get away from the games and freshen up. He then proceeded to take a cheeky dig at his wife Amy Griffiths, getting a few chuckles. He said that his way of relaxing is mostly about getting out and playing a round of golf. However when Amy arrives, it will simply be lots and lots of shopping.

Aaron Finch mentioned that a round of mini golf was the closest he got to fulfilling that second relaxing task. The smiling Australian mumbled a sheepish apology to his wife before continuing. On a more serious note, he said that there is a need for a player to take some time off for themselves. The idea is to clear one’s mind, and for him, it is cafes and golf.

Aaron Finch

Finch even spoke about some of his teammates and their manner of unwinding. According to him, Usman Khawaja is also quite an avid shopper. Steve Smith on the other hand, prefers to walk around his room with his bat in hand.

Speaking about the New Zealand game, Aaron Finch said, “You don’t want to upset the apple cart just for no reason, really. And that also comes down to how they are feeling, as well, and they are both feeling great at the moment.

“I know that they have got no interest whatsoever in being rested or anything like that… everyone’s really on the same page in that regard – to try and keep our winning momentum and making sure that we are never taking anything for granted in this tournament.”

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