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Activision Announces Great News for Call of Duty Fans

Activision Announces Great News for Call of Duty Fans

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is currently in its open crossplay beta phase. Activision had opened the beta only for the weekend, giving players just 48 hours to test it out. On the other hand, a few players who had pre-ordered the game got two extra days starting Thursday as special early access. However, even this wasn’t enough for the fans.

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Regardless of all the complaints, fans just can’t get enough of the game. The beta has become even more popular with the introduction of the Fireteam mode. Players have already hailed it as the best-featured mode for multiplayer and maybe even the best thing about Cold War. Hence, it’s only natural for players to ask for more time to enjoy the game before its official launch.

Solving Easter Eggs in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta unlocked an extra day

Treyarch has included various Easter Eggs in the beta version of the new Call of Duty game. While many were unaware of the reward for solving them, they definitely didn’t expect what was coming. As a lot of players spent enough time breaking codes, Activision has finally announced the reward for their efforts.

They recently posted a tweet saying, “Thanks to the code-breaking efforts of our incredible community, an extra day of the #BlackOpsColdWar Beta has been unlocked!” 

The reward for solving all those codes was an extra day of the beta version. Initially, Activision had announced that they would end the crossplay beta on October 19 at 10am PT. However, it will now end on October 20 at 10am PT instead. Activision also sent e-mails to all the beta players informing them about the extension.

This comes as great news for fans as they get to enjoy their favorite mode for a little while longer. Moreover, as Activision has promised that all the progress in the beta can be ported to the global launch, players get more time to progress their levels and weapons.

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