Addition of Aggressive New Kerbs at Monaco This Year

May 25, 2017 12:51 am

It is not just the mean machines of Formula 1 which got a facelift this season. The crown Jewel of the sport, the Monaco circuit will look different too with two new curbs at the swimming pool section this year.

The new kerbs will stop corner-cutting; Image source :

The move was initiated to stop drivers from cutting the chicane to achieve a better lap time. In the original layout of kerbs, anybody who cuts the corner just had to go over couple of old speed bumps. This made it difficult to resist cutting out the corner. The new layout includes a large yellow kerb at the apex which will increase the risk of damaging the car if hit. New speed breakers are also installed at this section to slow down any driver who runs wide.

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The speedbreaker is expected to slow down off-track cars; Image source :

The swimming pool chicane has always been considered as a tight corner. In addition to the extra downforce and G-force that 2017 drivers go through, keeping it straight through the iconic chicane adds to the challenge. It will be interesting to see how drivers adapt to this new development during qualification and who cracks under pressure on race day.

Apart from the new kerbs, Monaco will present itself with new asphalt on the roads too. New roads have been laid from Anthony Noghes till Ste. Devote, between Casino Square and entry to the Portier, through the tunnel till Tabac, extended to swimming pool. It is safe to say that virtually most of the track is freshly laid. Monaco hence is all set for yet another iconic race.


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