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Adrian Newey Admits Faults in Red Bull Chassis

Adrian Newey Admits Faults in Red Bull Chassis

Red Bull

There are designers that are responsible for producing cars that can hardly race. Then there are those that fight consistently for podiums. And then there are those like Adrian Newey, responsible for giving Red Bull an identity of a world-champion car. Right?

In that regard, when Adrian Newey offers a take on Formula 1, you don’t question it, you listen. To a world that often encircles about world-champions, Adrian Newey reminds us all why the men behind the car and drivers that drive championship-winning cars are also important.

Isn’t that correct?

Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey’s contribution toward Red Bull, now powered by Honda is something that may not be up for judgment or assessment, at least at this point in time. Yet, with Max Verstappen garnering a fighting podium in Australia in the form of a P3 following it up with a P4 at Bahrain proves something about Red Bull.

It shows one that this year, Red Bull seem right in the thick of things and from the word go, albeit they chase Mercedes, usually the frontrunners of the pack.

To that end, Adrian Newey, whose priceless experience with Red Bull-Honda will surely up the contingent’s ante this year as well, has offered a rather interesting assessment of the Red Bull car.

So what has the experienced designer and motorsport veteran shared?

Well, Adrian Newey is of the view that Honda will soon get up among the likes of none other than Mercedes and Ferrari.

Are you surprised?

Well, truth be told, it may not be entirely untrue to feel that there could be a few among us who might not necessarily agree with his verdict.

And this is for the simple reason that the Honda chassis, according to Adrian Newey himself, is plagued with certain issues. This, interestingly, was highlighted by both drivers- Pierre Gasly and Max Verstappen.

Red Bull
Red Bull

Here’s more on the story:

“On the chassis side, I’ll be brutally honest we haven’t got the car as good as we’d like it to be at the moment. We just need to get on and do our bit.”

The above was a quote by Adrian Newey himself, who admitted that the car, even though might not be in the ideal state as how the team wants but can quickly be up the level of a Ferrari and Merc.

In reference to the above, what stands out as a fair assessment of the current condition of the Honda-powered Red Bull are the struggles that Gasly has endured, rather has become used to. So what can Adrian Newey do to assuage the troubles being experienced by the Frenchman?

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